EARLY AMERICAN IRONWARE Cast and Wrought by Henry J. Kauffman

An excellent copy of the wonderful book EARLY AMERICAN IRONWARE Cast and Wrought by Henry J. Kauffman.
This is the 166 page 1966 first edition hardcover by Charles E. Tuttle Co. publishers and includes the original slipcase
and dustjacket.

Henry J. Kauffman presents a thoroughly documented historical panorama, depicting vividly the growing importance
of ironware in the lives of our ancestors. He describes not only what was made but also how it was made, delving into
all of the crafts concerned. Separate chapters, in fact, are devoted to blacksmiths, whitesmiths, farriers, edge
toolmakers, cutlers, locksmiths, gunsmiths, nailers, wheelwrights, and tinsmiths.

Enhancing the text and making this a veritable living museum of artifacts are more than 200 plates garnered from
the archives of museums and private collections, or photographed by the indefatigable author himself on his
many widespread scouting expeditions.

For the collector, intent on appreciating in depth his prized possessions, or evaluating the treasures that tempt him,
this authoritative book is a "must". And for the student of Americana, intent on appraising the exploits of people and
places, this book's 18 page index, containing references to 362 persons, 82 places and 102 establishments,
organizations, and institutions, provides a most useful tool.

With only slight wear and a few small tears to the dustjacket, this is a great price for a great book.

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