Pewter At The Victoria And Albert Museum by Anthony North

From the inside flap:
This comprehensive study, based on the extensive collection at the V&A, covers pewterware from a large number of
countries, including Britain, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Scandinavia, China and the USA. The
collection is especially rich in continental pieces, and the book features an important series of German guild cups as
well as some outstanding late 16th-century French pewter. Both secular and religious works are included, ranging from
the late Middle Ages to the present day. Outlining methods of manufacture and tracing the development of the pewter
trade, the full introduction also gives a brief history of the V&A collection. The book contains over 200 illustrations,
examining many of the pieces in detail and including important inscriptions and marks, while contemporary paintings
and engravings place pewter production in historical context. The text is arranged in thematic chapters, such as
domestic pewter and 20th-century works, and also features a short section on fakes.

Published in 1999 by V&A Publications.  An excellent must-have source of information for any pewter collector.  In
excellent condition.

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and may not be duplicated without permission.