The NEW Pewter Marks and Old PewterWare (Domestic and Ecclesiastical) by Major C.A.
Markham, F.S.A.

Published by Reeves and Turner, the 1928 second edition hard cover, originally published in 1909, is enlarged and
includes 118 illustrations of British and Continental pewter. From the title page, the book also includes: ".... Sections
on the History of the Pewterer's Craft, Statutes, Ordinances, etc., relating to Pewterers from A.D. 1348. The
Manufacture and Composition of PewterWare as well as its Cleaning and Repairing.  Description of some 1,100
Marks or Touches, and Facsimiles of 200 from the original copper plates of the Pewterers' Company, London; etc."

In its original red cloth binding with gilt letters, the book is in good condition.  Some light foxing and general wear
(primarily on the cover edges) present.