Long Island is My Nation by Dean Failey
The Decorative Arts & Craftsmen 1640-1830

From the foreword by Robert B MacKay, Director of the Society for the Preservation of Long Island Antiquities:  This
catalogue and exhibition, two years in the making, were carefully orchestrated by Dean F. Failey, who joined the
Society as curator in July 1974, to undertake this vast endeavor.  His visual acuity, great store of knowledge and
ability to see subtle relationships between pieces is well testified to in this superlative catalogue.  He has been ably
assisted by  historian Susan F. Klaffky and researcher Robert J. Hefner whose scholarship is also reflected herein.  
This publication includes more than one hundred objects not included in the exhibition and thus provides an
expanded view of the subject not possible in the gallery space.

This is the original 1974 softcover 304 page edition, signed by the author with a personal note addressed to Helen
Miller.  There is wear and creases to the cover but all pages remain tight.  Some foxing to the outside edges.

An excellent book for any collector.  


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