Hamlin Type American Pewter Beaker, ca. 1820-1840

A very good condition straight-sided beaker, possibly by Samuel E. Hamlin of Providence Rhode Island who worked
from 1801-1856.  These straight-sided, unadorned beakers are striking.  A similar marked 3-1/4" tall example is
photographed as  #169, page 63 in
Pewter in America 1650 - 1900 An Exhibition from The Currier Gallery of Art.  The
Currier example is part of a listed set of four church cups.

An example of a similar marked Hamlin beaker, but without a flared foot, is photographed on page 80 of the PCCA
Collecting Antique Pewter - What to Look For and What to Avoid.

This beaker is 3-3/16" tall, with a rim diameter of 3-1/16" and a base diameter of 2-7/16". The beaker has minor surface

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