American Eagle Marked 7-3/4" Pewter Basin, Late Eighteenth Century

An excellent marked (J-178) American pewter 7-3/4"basin by an unidentified New England maker, probably either
Connecticut or Massachusetts.

While earlier the no-name eagle mark (J-178) was ascribed to Gershom Jones of Providence Rhode Island, more
current research suggests the quart eagle marked basin is the product of the Frink family of Stonington
Connecticut or perhaps Northhampton Massachusetts, c. 1790's.

The basin is the only known form with this no-name eagle mark. Prentice Frink, Jr. of Stonington Connecticut,
born in 1764, reported a stolen quart basin mold in June of 1792.   Nathan (Nathaniel) Frink, presumably of
Northhampton Massachusetts, used a name eagle mark (J-141, also only known on a basin).  The link to
Northampton is the property sale in 1787 from Prentice Frink to Cotton Hayden.

In fine condition.

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