Boardman & Hart Two Quart Pewter Flagon

A  two quart marked pewter flagon by Boardman & Hart. New York ca. 1835.  Although marked New York, most of the
pewter was made in Hartford Connecticut under the auspices of Thomas Danforth Boardman and his brother
Sherman.  Lucius Hart, who had joined the previous Boardman partnerships, became a full named partner around
1828.  No matter the partnership, the Boardman group made pieces that emulated the best of 18th century designs.  

Interestingly, the lid is lacking an extra dome compared to lids normally seen (comparison photo is of a Boardman &
Co. two quart flagon on the left).  This lid form is more reminiscent of those on Boardman one quart forms and could
suggest a more utilitarian (non-ecclesiastical)  market target.

Aside from some minor surface imperfections and overall wear on the inside and base, the flagon is in excellent
condition. No dents.  The flagon stands 10-3/4 inches tall to the top of the lid.

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