Blown Tumbler (or Flip) Glass, probably Germany or Bohemia, c. 1800

A very clean non lead 5-1/2" tall glass tumbler with a slight yellow tint.  Sometimes called a 'flip glass', although
period records indicate 'tumbler' is a more appropriate term,  this glass closely relates to an example at Winterthur
(see Palmer,
Glass in Early America, pg. 92, number 42).  This beautiful example has an engraved flower basket with
leafy sprays and stylized flower, squiggled lines and a reverse stylized flower and leaf design (design enhanced by
use of back lighting).  

At one time considered to have been manufactured in Stiegel's Manheim Glass Factory in Pennsylvania,
contemporary research suggests tumblers like this one were manufactured more likely for export from around 1780
to 1820.

A wonderful period example.


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